Our Beginning

I’m not exactly the kind of person who would start a cosmetics line.  I lead a hectic life as a wife and mom to four amazing kids, and blessed to have a daughter.  I am a passionate lover of animals and have four dogs adding even more chaos!! I have always worked multiple jobs never sitting still for long and worked as a cabinet finisher and contractor for years.  My work was dusty, dirty and definitely not pretty!

About 20 years ago, after battling adult acne and other changes to my face and skin, I noticed it wasn’t looking its best.  Doctors had harsh topicals/drugs as the answer but I wasn’t comfortable with the side effects.  I knew I wanted to do something and needed a better plan.

That’s when I met an aesthetician that would change my life (and my business!).  She started educating me on how my skin, our largest organ, was absorbing pollutants and chemicals.  Airborne pollutants and chemicals in my skin care products and make-up were all affecting my face and aging my skin, especially the delicate tissue around my eyes.

I became an avid label reader, buying only the best products for me and my family and educating them on what to look for.  But it would be my daughter, that would inspire me to develop the quality product I could not find.

That was the seed that would grow into Bellimisa™.  Our eyes tell many stories and are the most highlighted feature on our face.  But the very cosmetics that so many women use are made up of chemicals that cause irritation, premature aging and other adverse reactions.

I started by creating a mascara, and then took the leap from there!  I decided that there needed to be  products that had better ingredients, looked great, were convenient to buy and didn’t cost a fortune.  As a Mother, I wanted the products to be free of the chemicals of concern and as a lover of animals needed them to be cruelty free.  As a busy woman, I wanted them to do the trick and make me look great!

That’s what I wanted to accomplish, and that’s what Bellimisa™ delivers: the Beauty of Healthy.



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