What's the skinny behind a clean mascara brush?

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You know cleaning your cosmetic brushes helps to control breakouts and prevent clogged, congested skin. But did you know your mascara brush should be cleaned as well? A clean mascara brush is key to perfect performance of natural wax mascara formulas, like our Masterful Eyes Mascara!


Let's face it: Even with regular replacement, mascara can still have an “off day.” Several weeks into a new tube, you might notice your mascara feels a bit drier and seems to give you some flaking. This is the signal to clean your brush! If you fail to use all of the formula from the brush with each application, the buildup dries and eventually sticks to the base within the bristles. Don't fret; there is a quick and easy fix!


When this occurs, the most effective solution is to run your mascara brush under scolding hot water to dislodge any old formula. Flick the wand and brush a few times to disperse any leftover water before placing the brush back into the bottle. This simple trick will keep your mascara performing perfectly until the day you replace it with a fresh tube. 


Application technique is also vital to beautiful, clump-free lashes — especially for mascara formulas free of petroleum and other "slip" agents, because the brush holds onto the creamy rich texture. Proper application utilizes all of the formula inside the brush bristles. Our Masterful Eyes Mascara performs best when slight pressure and a slow "combing" of the lash is used to coat the lashes and distribute the formula evenly throughout the lash.  


And of course, regular product replacement is always recommended, which is why our Bellimisa family loves our subscription option. You never have to remind yourself when you last bought your mascara! When you sign up for our subscription service, you’ll automatically receive a fresh tube of Masterful Eyes Mascara every 30 or 60 days. Sign up today

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